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Afghanistan on the Brink

Afghanistan on the Brink - Oct 20 2009"Afghanistan on the...

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Oct. 20, 2009 “Afghanistan on the Brink” Roland Flamini Geog 112 Thesis After United States and the NATO ease the aid to Afghanistan to focus on Iraq, the country has been turning back to the old ways of growing drug trafficking and insurgencies, such as Taliban. Afghanistan could still regain the economic power and stabilize the country but they will need full support by the people and time. Response Afghanistan and Pakistan is the two most critical nations in fighting against the global terrorist groups. In the center of these two nations al-qaeda and other radical Islamic groups gather to train and plan their next move. Yet these critical nations are left alone in the dark, especially when the focus of the world turned to Iraq. According to the author, when United States and NATO was focusing their attention on Afghanistan, Afghanistan was doing great. The poverty was disappearing, stronger government was forming and terrorists were running scared. But after the United States and NATO left, everything was going back to the old Afghanistan. Government is
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