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JS 112 Exam 2 Study Guide I. Announcements- Collection of Assignments a. Exam 2 – 04/07/10 b. Collect summaries- Reminder- email so I can post them c. Review Exam II study Guide and Instructor review d. Student reviews if time permits II. Exam 2 Study Guide: Remember the exam may cover materials from first exam as well e. **Review All powerpoint notes (from Lee and guest lecturers) f. *Re-read Chapters 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 g. **Take notes on the notes and the chapter readings h. Review quizzes i. Review all Laboratory Hands-on activities-Fingerprinting exercise j. **Review All guest lecture notes- Dr. Lorna Pierce and Rosa Vega II. Exam 2 Format a. 70-80% Short Answer = Multiple choice, fill in, matching, true/false with explanations: Factual b. 10-20% Short Essay= 1-2 paragraph or diagrammatic critical thinking questions with application of your knowledge c. 10-20% Essay= ½ page answers with critical thinking questions III. Exam 2 Sample Short Answer and Short Essay Questions d. There are three basic types of fingerprints. These are ________, _________ and ___________. In the general population the frequency (%) of each type that has been observed is ______% for _______, ______% for _______ and _______% for ________. In our class we found that the percentages were the same/similar or not the same/dissimilar. Does the data provide enough information for you to accept or refute the frequency statement. Why? d.
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