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Engagement #3: Oral Interpretation Due: 04/05 “Oral interpretation is the expression and sharing of literature with an audience.” In the case of this class, you can share a story, poetry, lyrics to a song (you can sing them if you wish), a monologue, and much more. You may use original work (something you have written) or the work of another. Your role will be that of the Interpreter who acts as the liaison between the author of your chosen piece and your audience. This activity will provide you with an opportunity to explore the use of voice, facial expressions, movement, and gestures. Your assignment: Please prepare a piece for oral interpretation that does not exceed 2 minutes . (This may require you to edit your piece or determine an appropriate stopping point.) You may select from a number of sources including: original work, poetry, song lyrics, a
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Unformatted text preview: monologue, a story (this could be your own story), etc. • You are expected to have your piece well prepared (I’m looking for eye contact, movement, expression, and gestures), though you may use notes for reference if need be. Objectives: • Prepare an original or published oral work • Analyze the physical, emotional, and social dimensions of characters found in your chosen text • Develop effective vocal control rate, inflection, pitch, volume, quality, and articulation • Use gestures, vocal control and body language to express attitudes, ideas, and emotion • Find meaning in a text as a reader • Communicate an interpretation of a text to an audience • Explore another area of public speaking Criteria for Evaluation: Performance : 15 points Copy of piece: 10 points _________________________ Total: 25 points...
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