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Reaction Paper 2 - Reaction Paper Issues about Adolescents...

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Reaction Paper – Issues about Adolescents Voiced by Adults Op Eds/Ads Select ONE of the following to respond to in your reaction paper: 1. “There is a new and alarming trend happening in the teenage community: prom babies. I first heard about while driving my teenage daughter to a lacrosse meet with several of her girlfriends. One of the girls in the car, ‘Carrie’, said the she hoped this year she could have a prom baby. The girls were discussing two former classmates from last year’s lacrosse team who had been unable to begin college because they had both become mothers at 17. Both had deliberately planned to get pregnant on prom night – hence the term “prom baby”. Both of the girls were studious and hardworking with bright futures ahead of them. One had been accepted to several Ivy League schools. Needless to say, their parents were devastated, and many adjustments had to be made for the new babies. My daughter late told me that several of her other friends were considering trying to get pregnant near prom time so they, too, wouldn’t have to deal with the pressures of going to college. Apparently, parents are less strict about their children’s whereabouts on prom night and let their teens spend the night in a hotel or at mixed gender sleepovers. I thought this sad trend might be local to our area, but during a class reunion in California, I learned the trend may be nationwide. One of my oldest friends, ‘Dana’, confided during the reunion that she had become a grandmother at age 43 due to her daughter having a prom baby. As prom night approaches, parents should talk with their children about the responsibilities of premarital sex and the dangers of a prom baby.” 2 . “Is your teenager getting too much of a good thing? Today some teenagers are abusing medicine including cough and cold medicines, getting high on the active ingredient, dextromethorphan. Here is what you can do to protect your kids: (1) Educate yourself. Go to for more information on teen medicine abuse; (2) Talk to your teens. Just talking with your kids about the problem of medicine abuse is one of the best ways to keep them from trying it; (3) Safeguard all medicines. Keep a watch on all your medicines and always keep them secure. {This message is brought to parents from the leading makers of cough and cold medicines }.” 3. “Parents drastically underestimate their teenage children’s exposure to and use of drugs and alcohol according to survey results released by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University. Eighty percent of parents surveyed said that they did not think alcohol and marijuana were available at the
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Reaction Paper 2 - Reaction Paper Issues about Adolescents...

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