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SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY School of Nursing DIVERSE POPULATIONS AND HEALTH CARE NURS. 204, 3 Units Phyllis M. Connolly PhD,APRN-BC, CS GUIDELINES FOR PRESENTATION OF ASSIGNED READINGS The purpose of this assignment is to increase effective class participation, increase critical thinking skills, improve professional, succinct oral communication skills, and increase the quality of the class discussions. Grading: Twenty-Five points of the total grade can be achieved for the presentation of the readings, group participation, and the effective, relevant, and appropriate contributions to discussions throughout the semester (see course description for more details). Students will be assigned specific readings for each class from the class calendar. The number of weeks that a student may present will depend on the number of students in the class. All students are expected to read the required readings prior to each class. * Students utilizing the webcasting for a class must respond to readings with at least
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Unformatted text preview: one written paragraph and e-mail the response within one week of the class to the faculty member. The assigned student will have 15 minutes to accomplish the following: 1. Present a one sentence summary of each assigned reading. 2. In one sentence, describe one thing that s/he understood about each of the assigned readings. 3. In one sentence, describe one thing which s/he did not understand, needed further clarification, or disagreed with. 4. In one sentence, describe one application of the information of each assigned reading to cultural diversity and the delivery of culturally competent care. 5. Distribute typed copy of responses to 1 – 4 to class and faculty. 6. Initiate class discussion related to the assigned readings. Once students are assigned specific readings, if they are unable to present on the assigned date, it will be their responsibility to exchange with another willing student, and give me written notification....
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