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Unformatted text preview: New Media Technologies Developed by W. Mei Fang Create Headline or Pullquote on a Path 1. Create the object or path for the text to rest on. 2. Go to the Type tool in the Toolbox and select the Type on a Path Tool. 3. 4. Move the Type tool to the Path. When the tool's cursor appears to have a "cross" sign on the right you can start typing your text. To move the text around the object, you can add space in the beginning or at the end of the line of text. 5. You can create a customized path with a Pencil tool or a Pen tool. Then start typing in the same way as mentioned above. New Media Technologies Developed by W. Mei Fang Create Outlines for Special Display Font In order to ensure your special display font for a headline, a logotype for your masthead, etc. won't be changed when displaying in another computer due to unavailability of the font, it is safer to convert your headline as outlined vector object. 1. Highlight your headline and go to the Type menu and select Create Outlines. 2. The headline is now converted as independent vector objects, affected if the special display font becomes available. 3. CAUTION: Once you turn the font as outlined object, you cannot of your headline anymore because it is no longer as text but as objects. and not edit the text vector draw 4. As vector objects, you can use the Direction Selection tool to manipulate the anchor points of the objects. However, unless you understand typography very well you are not advised to change the standard look of a font unless you are creating your own font. New Media Technologies Developed by W. Mei Fang Create a Hyperlinked Text Label 1. Highlight the text or select the object that will be linked to a URL. 2. Go to Window menu and select Interactive and click on the Hyperlink option to open the Hyperlink panel. 3. Select New Hyperlink... in the Hyperlink panel to activate the window. 4. Provide a name for your link object. Select URL as Type. Type the complete URL in the URL field. 5. For Appearance you can change to Invisible Rectangle so there won't be a visible box surrounding the selected text. Choose Invert for Highlight means after mouse click the text label will change to the opposite color to confirm behavior of the action. 6. You can only test the links after you exported it as a PDF, for an example. New Media Technologies Developed by W. Mei Fang Export InDesign Document as PDF Document 1. Save document. Go to the File menu and select Export...Choose Save As "Adobe PDF". 2. The Save as PDF window will appear. In Pages, check the boxes of All and also select Spread. 3. Also in Include, check the boxes of Hyperlinks and Interactive elements if you have created any buttons or hyperlinks in your document. 4. Click Export when done. Reminder: Since we use PDF as Internet browser compatible files, we should follow the file convention for hypertext system, such as file name should be in all lower cases, one word, if not link words with underscores. ...
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