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xFamily_Valuesx___autoethnography - Text and Performance...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Text and Performance Quarterly Vol. 25, No. 4, October 2005, pp. 297 314 Easy Access to Compulsory Experiences Craig Gingrich-Philbrook specific historical/personal moment. The essay begins with an appreciation of autoethnography, at least as compared to its positivist alternatives, but also articulates double bind between the epistemic and aesthetic demands of autoethnography and autoethnographic performance. The essay closes by articulating strategies to resist the indeterminacy. Keywords: Autoethnography Queer Performance name it boils down to a discomfort with language, representation, and meaning. The discomfort gathers in an image: driving to Wal-Mart for dryer hose and duct tape hand against a culture that flatters itself as open and democratic but punishes difference with proposed constitutional amendments, unprecedented government surveillance values down the rest of our throats like so many veal calves sensing our imminent Craig Gingrich-Philbrook is an Associate Professor in the Department of Speech Communication at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. Correspondence to: Craig Gingrich-Philbrook, Associate Professor, Department of Speech Communication, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL 62901, USA. Tel: 618-453-2291/618549- 5104 ISSN 1046-2937 (print)/ISSN 1479-5760 (online) # 2005 National Communication Association DOI: 10.1080/10462930500362445 D 298 C. Gingrich-Philbrook Walton estate my last dime. To write about autoethnography now requires a willingness to confront the place of Autoethnographyhs Family Values: This essay outlines one trajectory through autoethnographyhs embattled terrain at a a suspicion of autoethnographyhs pursuit of legitimacy. Here, the author articulates the h°family valuesh ° of everyday discourse that privilege values of transparency over I live a clicheh subjectivity. Call it midlife crisis, writerhs block, or depression, by any sound of the tape coming unstuck and the feel of the hosehs skeleton of spring in my exhaust in the exhaustion precipitating it. It offers h°too much informationh ° in and of civilians, and cultural domination by an unreflectively cruel h°religionh ° forcing its slaughter and going off our milk. On the h°too much informationh ° issue, I side with Margaret Cho: h°If I donht give too much information, if I donht hgo there,h iths like I was never there,h° by which she means iths like I was never alive. In moments of distress like this, I find it best to identify with comedians. Besides, I wouldnht want to give the personal writing as a producer and carrier of h°knowledgeh° in the academy at a time in
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Sheet1 Page 2 United States history when knowledge seems particularly impossible, at least if by there? (No, as it turns out.) Are citizens in same-sex couples really second-class?
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xFamily_Valuesx___autoethnography - Text and Performance...

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