CH17 Project Management

CH17 Project Management - Late Start (LS), Late Finish (LF)...

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4/17/2008 Notes CH 17 Project Management Key Metrics - Time - Cost - Performance Objectives Success Factors - Commitment - Project manager - Tracking and control - Communication Gantt Chart - able to see how long the project is going to take in each parts - Able to see if you are ahead or behind the schedule Work Breakdown Structure - How far breakdown is need is depending on the project - How long it takes - The work could be broken down to per day, per hour, or even mins. Pert - Program Evaluation and Review Technique CPM – Critical Path Method Activity on Node (AON) Activity on Arrow (AOA) Early Start (ES), Early Finish (EF)
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Unformatted text preview: Late Start (LS), Late Finish (LF) Slack LS ES LF EF CRITICAL PATH path with no slacks CRASH shortening activity durations Shorten the time it takes to finish the project-focus the step that is in the critical path-Look at how long it takes and the cost to do the activity-How much in the cost-Keep crashing until the cost exceeds the benefits Come up with the 3 time estimates this is because you cannot be sure how long it will take.-Optimistic-Most Likely-Pessimistic Extra credit any company that is doing a project with 3 time estimates...
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CH17 Project Management - Late Start (LS), Late Finish (LF)...

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