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Gilgamesh Questions - “prostitute,” “temple...

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Gilgamesh Questions #1 Read the first 5 chapters (up to Enkidu’s death) and answer the following questions. Please write neatly or type! Due Thurs 2/11 beginning of class. 1. Donna Rosenberg says the Sumerian culture of this time “valued justice, freedom, and compassion.” How can we see that reflected in this story? 2. Consider the “bromance” theme in this story. What is illustrated about really close, “soul-mate” male friendships? What is their bond based on, the two men’s similarities? Differences? Both? 3. The woman who tames and humanizes Enkidu has a small but pivotal role, but it is interpreted differently by different writers. She is called a
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Unformatted text preview: “prostitute,” “temple prostitute,” “harlot,” “dancing girl,” “woman of the red sashes,” “child of pleasure,” and simply “woman.” In some versions she is a sex lure, plain and simple, in others she is more a representative of civilization and culture. Why do you think there is such variety in her depiction? How does it change the ethical system represented in the story? (You might bring Ninsum and Ishtar into this discussion, too.) 4. Discuss how this ancient story serves the “chief functions” of myth that Joseph Campbell identified: the mystical, the explanatory, the ethical, and the psychological. (Choose two)...
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