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Essay #3: Out-of-class Television & Culture Analysis Rough Draft Due (Workshop): Thursday, March 4 th Final Draft Due: Thursday, March 11 th M. Hager, ENGL 1B, Spring 2010 Point Total: 100 points, 10% of English 1B grade Assignment: We have discussed media influence this semester, and for this assignment, you will be focusing on the specific influence of a particular television show. By this point in the semester, you have become adept at critiquing the components of argumentation, so this assignment progresses from the point of a critique and allows you to make your own assertion(s) with proper support. The main purpose of this essay is for you to make a powerful argument about the cultural significance of a television program. Take the following steps as you work on your essay: Choose a television show that you would like to analyze. There are no restrictions: you can choose a show from the past or present, and you can choose a sitcom, drama, reality program, or news program. Create a powerful thesis statement: it should make an assertion about the cultural impact of your
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