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al and state g interdependent. power in the ntral govemment: ( Pol Sci/Flist 15A Print Name (Iast,firsl & '. l2:00-l:15 Quiz#2-BlW Chapter 3, Gerston Chz iall z.u 1. Which part of the Constitution gives Congress enumerated powers: A.\'ctr I S<.\i.,", ? 4. The'hecessary and proper clause" is found in which part of the Constitution: @ ntti"t. t, S".tiott8 c. FirstAmendment ,@ kticle l, Section g d. Tenth Amendment / Name the term that views the national and state governments as interdependent: ' c\*,^\ - t r.fr^^\6","t 7. Name the constitutional amendment (number) that brought about the progressive
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