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Annotated Bibliography: Relationships & Marriage

Annotated Bibliography: Relationships & Marriage - Dr...

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Dr. Byrd Comm110 11/24/08 Annotated Bibliography: Relationships & Marriage Brown-Brandeau, E. Francis, Ragsdale J. Donald, (2008). Personal, Moral, and Structural Commitment and the Repair of Marital Relationships, Southern Communication Journal , 23, 68-83. This article emphasizes on the divorce rate in the United States. It goes into detail about how marriages can lead to various levels of redundancy and dysfunctional behavior due to the media and its perspective. This idea misinforms the public; however, many marriages in the United States are rather flourishing and successful. No marriage is considered fault free. In the journey of marriage, we will experience both the ups and downs. It can even be really rough at times at certain times. Relational repair and building maintenance is expressed in the article. Personal, moral, and structural commitment is mandatory to have a healthy and successful marriage. I want to take from this article is steps to a successful marriage and the maintenance a couple goes through to a keep a wonderful marriage together. I have come to understand that satisfaction, investments, and alternatives are all part of a marriage; furthermore, how they are interpreted in a relationship. Dailey M Rene. Confirmation in Parent- Adolescent Relationships and Adolescent Open: Openness: Toward Extending Confirmation Theory. (2006). Communication Monographs . 73, 434-458. In this article, issues of parent and adolescent relationships are brought to attention. It mainly targets how much teens are open with their parents. Female adolescents are targeted more than male adolescents in this case. Women tend to aspire for a marriage and weeding more than men. It was diagnosed that adolescents that had less openness with exhibited a larger of confirming and disconfirming messages towards their parents. These certain results suggest regarding information in family relationships
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