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IntroToProgramming_Midterm1_StudyGuide - Intro to...

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Intro to Programming Study Guide (Chapter 1) Online Chapter Quizzes 1. What are the two primary programming methods used today? Procedural and Object Oriented 2. What does application software do? Solve specific problems of perform operations that satisfy the user’s needs. 3. What is an object in Visual Basic programming? An element of programming that contains attributes and actions. 4. The CPU only processes instructions written in: Machine Language 5. Pseudocode is: A cross between human language and programming language. 6. What are some GUI elements? Windows, dialog boxes, buttons, and menus 7. Attributes in Visual Basic are referred to as: Properties 8. What is the default name given to the first Label control created in an application? Label1 9. Control names can not contain: Spaces 10. What is not a definition for a keyword? A user defined word that identifies a variable Chapter 1 Review Questions & Exercises 1. The job of the CPU is to fetch instructions, carry out the operations commanded by the instructions, and produce some outcome or resultant information. 2. A(n) External Disk Drive / USB Drive is an example of a secondary storage device. 3. The two general categories of software are Operating System and Application Software . 4. A program is a set of Instructions . 5. Since computers can't be programmed in natural human language, algorithms must be written in a(n) Programming language. 6. Machine Language is the only language computers really process. 7. Words that have special meaning in a programming language are called Keywords . 8. Words or names defined by the programmer are called Programmer-defined Names. 9. Operators are characters or symbols that perform operations on one or more operands. 10. A(n) Remarks / Comments is part of an application's code but is ignored by the compiler. It is intended for documentation purposes only. 11. The rules that must be followed when constructing a program are called Syntax . 12. Input is information a program gathers from the outside world. 13. Output is information a program sends to the outside world. 14. A(n) Algorithm is a set of well-defined steps for performing a task or solving a problem. 15. A(n) Flowchart is a diagram that graphically illustrates the flow of a program. 16. Pseudocode is a cross between human language and a programming language.
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17. To set the Visual Basic environment options, click the Options ... command, which is found on the Tools menu. 18. If you do not see the Solution Explorer or Properties windows in Visual Studio, you may use the View menu to bring them up.
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IntroToProgramming_Midterm1_StudyGuide - Intro to...

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