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Exhibit 1: “Revisiting Key Skills: A Practical Framework for Higher Education” by Washer. 1. In the beginning of the article, what is described as the necessity for higher education? 2. What are some of the arguments against the key skills wanted in relation to higher education? What are some of the arguments that support key skills? 3. What does the author fear if higher education is included in public institution? 4. What do you think of Washer’s question: “Do universities exist simply to meet the needs of modern capitalism and are students being constructed solely as future workers, rather than fully rounded citizens?” 5. Looking at the charts based on skill level, where do you feel you fit into the categories and how? Exhibit 2: “College Outcomes for Work, Life, and Citizenship” by Humphreys.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. From the first paragraph, what is this article going to be about? 2. According to the article, “College Outcomes for Work, Life, and Citizenship,” what are the core elements of an excellent education and what obstacles does LEAP face in order to provide a higher education? 3. What are the aims of “traditional” liberal education? How does LEAP move beyond the traditional limits of liberal education? 4. Do you feel colleges are obligated to the students and society to prepare the students for both professional success and responsible citizenship? 5. Why does LEAP suggest providing students with a higher education? Do you believe there is a consensus for higher education? Why or why not?...
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