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Writer’s Notebook # 3, due Wednesday, February 25 Length: about a page (more is fine!) Please upload to turnitin AND include one piece of in-class creative writing which you have typed and edited. The Art of Eavesdropping One of the challenges in both fiction and nonfiction writing is creating dialogue that sounds authentic. For this exercise, I would like you to go to a place where people gather and listen to people talking, preferably with each other (however, this exercise is a bit on the “luck of the draw” side and you may only get people talking on cellphones and whatnot). I often do this exercise at a coffeeshop (weekends at a Starbucks or a Peets are good for people talking to each other), on the Highway 17 bus or the Caltrain, and occasionally in a restaurant. Sit with your notebook and pen (or laptop) and try to write down bits of dialogue as you hear them—they may be disconnected, and you might not get all of the conversations down. This is fine. The point is to start listening to the many ways in which people talk. If you wish to
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Unformatted text preview: look a bit innocuous, bring a textbook of some kind, open it, and put it on the table in front of you; people will think you are doing homework and are less likely to suspect what you are doing. Try to do this at least twice if you can—you may have to do this more than once in order to hear interesting conversations. If you absolutely cannot capture the actual dialogue, take notes on what people are saying and the quality of their conversations—are they animated, boring, upset, etc.? Try to get at least a page of writing for this exercise if you can; you may find you have more if you are lucky and have stumbled across a great conversation somewhere. Another way to do this exercise is to carry a small notebook or piece of paper with you wherever you go, and jot down conversations as they occur if you can do that, OR simply what people are talking about....
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