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San Jose State University School of Nursing NURS 297 Sources for Statisticians Biostatisticians 1. Stanford Biostatistics Faculty (Title = Health, Research and Policy) Phil Lavori, Chair (650) 725-6109 Ian Johnstone (Part-Time) (650) 723-9114 Jerry Halpern (650) 723-5705 Tyson Holmes (650) 725-2925 Alex McMillan (650) 725-5352 This information was provided by Kevin Horner in the HRP Admin office (650) 723-5082. 2. Berkeley Biostatistics Faculty Nicholas Jewell, Chair Private Consultants 1. Steve Aquino
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Unformatted text preview: (408) 363-1559 [email protected] 2. Jack Tomsky, PhD, Statistical Consultant [email protected] 3. Stephen W. Blohm, Insight Assessment 650-302-2706 [email protected] Other Statisticians San Jose State University: a. Bethany Shifflet 408-924-3016 Kinesiology Department [email protected] CASA b. Yudhi Ahuja, PhD 408-924-3506 College of Business Fax 408-924-3445 [email protected] Revised 9/8/2010....
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