Project Proposal for De Beers Diamond Commodity

Project Proposal for De Beers Diamond Commodity - C. Aware...

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Anthropology 115 Project Proposal Project proposal for De Beers Diamond Commodity A. In 2009, how has the diamond mining company achieved their goals: - Lower production levels in line with customer demand - Save costs - Increase operating efficiencies - Manage debt - Stimulate consumer demand B. Each member in the group are communicating through e-mail, with their own research to help one another and meet up after class is over, the group will be meeting to also practice and finalize the power point presentation. Tim- Where/How it’s made I will be focusing on how diamonds are made in the earth and the method for mining them. I will also look at how artificial diamonds are made. Alex- Timeline Michelle- Supply Chain Nima- Power in Global Market Katie- Labor (Blood Diamond) Krystal- Environment Sarah- Social Component and Manipulation
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Unformatted text preview: C. Aware of the effects mining has on the community and set up funds for education, skills development, and small business establishments and supports healthcare in HIV/AIDS programs. D. The Proposed audience for this group project is our classroom to educate and inform the students. E. Our intended plan as a group is to change the behavior of the audience to think when they are going to purchase a ring or any diamond in the future for a wife/ husband to make sure its fair trade for those that crafted such beautiful commodity. And the intentions of the company are affecting the world in appositive aspect. 1. The resource that we will need is photocopies, a hand-out for the class. We will e-mail the final copy to hand-out to the class. 2. We will be producing a power point....
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Project Proposal for De Beers Diamond Commodity - C. Aware...

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