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Project II Due: Monday, November 30 (section1) or December 1 (section2) LGBT Studies Dr. Lee For this assignment, you must make a poster, produce a PowerPoint presentation, or make a video, or whatever works for you to accomplish the task below. You may work in small groups (up to three persons maximum). You must present your project in class. Your task is to explore the local LGBT community and report back what you find or experience. Your presentation must include pictorial representations of the settings and/or persons that you encounter. Among other things, you may attend a drag show, hang out at a bar, participate in activities at an LGBT community center, interview your friends or family, or participate in impromptu LGBT events that you run across. The idea here is for you to document pictorially, and verbally in your presentation, an understanding of the LGBT community in the Bay Area. Ideally, this project will include elements of the topics that we have covered this
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