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Human DNA and RNA Quantification Team 2 *Human **DNA** and RNA Quantification * Non nucleic acid-based quantification methods- Visual examination may be performed using ambient light and other alternative light sources. Visual examination may also be performed that may result in "crude" estimate of the quantity of the amount of biological evidence. For RFLP purposes about a "dime" worth of blood was needed to run a successful RFLP test. Another way for quantifying DNA would be a microscope. A microscope is used to as a confirmatory test for semen (locating spermatozoa) but can be used as a quantitative measure since it is indicative of the expected DNA yield from the evidence since the amount of DNA per cell is known. This visual examination can be used to determine an estimated amount of male DNA present. *Total genomic methods- **DNA** based* In the beginning of DNA testing there was RFLP testing of Variable Number of Tandem Repeats (VNTR) loci which needed a relatively large amount of 50ng of
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