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essay on Martin Luther King Jr

essay on Martin Luther King Jr - LLD 002-04 Maureen O'Brien...

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LLD 002-04 Maureen O’Brien 11/27/05 In the name of King Have you ever thought to yourself why we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day? Well after reading the biography, King Remembered , the reasons become obvious. The book was well written by two men, Flip Schulke and Penelope McPhee. The book was also fore worded by one of King’s close friends, Jesse Jackson. This biography teaches us why King was among one of the strongest Civil Rights leader for African Americans and others discriminated against. He went through an incredible life in his existence. King stood up for everyone, and he made sure his every word was heard. King’s legacy still exists today because of his interesting childhood, his well educated background he started to make new changes, he soon became a leader for all, and King’s life was cut short, although he is still remembered. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born on January 15, 1929, which later became a national holiday, in Atlanta Georgia. He lived throughout the areas of the south coming from a mid class family. He lived with both of his parents growing up. His father was a
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