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Assessment of Relationships

Assessment of Relationships - Assessment of Relationships...

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Assessment of Relationships Guide Childhood experiences in your home Who raised you? What was it like being a child in your household? How did your parents/caretakers express approval or let you know they cared about you? What things were not permitted in your house? How did your parents let you know? How did your parents/caretakers discipline? How did you know if you had done something right? Was there anyone who made you feel really good about yourself when you were a child? Do you want to tell me about that special person/people? Was there anyone who mad you feel badly about yourself when you are a child? Do you have memories of being afraid? Is that something you’d like to discuss at this point-I think that this is an area that is important to explore Peers Growing up, did you have friends? Tell me about your friendships Were there special people that you could really trust that you want to tell me about?
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