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English 1B Spring 2010 Moody Sections 26 and 47 Words We Just Made Up Defining the terms is at the core of any argument. If we can’t agree on what a patriot is, how can we discuss it? Here are some fun words the students made up. Zonztrous- adj. something beyond comprehension Ohemgee- n. a state of complete shock Kop- to pick up Vidiot- n. person who plays video games all the time Ugelty- adj. pretty outside, ugly inside Mondaze- n. Mondayfog Bootytickled- adj. offended easily Rutty- adj. describes a dead end relationship
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Unformatted text preview: Manimal- n. half man half animal Blinkflash- n. repetitive blinking Foodixety- n. hungry but you don’t know what you want to eat Textagliff- n. compulsive texter Smooze- v. the act of breaking your alarm clock while trying to find the snooze button Barashy- adj. chronic and intense ash on elbow and knees Sunpeeling- adj. describes sunburnt skin that peels off Poofy- adj. overly round Neword- n. invention of a new word...
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