Listening Partnerships, 2009, session 1

Listening Partnerships, 2009, session 1 - LISTENING...

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LISTENING PARTNERSHIPS: FIRST SESSION 1. Arrival and set-up: Allow 1 hour and 15 minutes. Be prompt, and make sure you have a completely private space, where you will be undisturbed. If there is a phone in your room, turn off the ringer (cell phones too) or unplug it. Put a sign on your door, if roommates are likely to knock or come in. Arrange comfortable places to sit: e.g., on two facing chairs, on a bed, on pillows on the floor. 2. Time : Make sure you have a timer or a clock or watch, and some tissues handy. When you are set to begin, decide when you need to finish, and divide the time between you. In setting it up, allow for time to get settled, and factor in a few minutes break in between each person’s turn (to stretch, use the bathroom, get a drink, etc.). It is the listener’s job to keep track of time, and to tell the speaker when time is up. Each person should have a 30 minute turn. 3. When you are the speaker: Start off by telling something new and good in your life. It can be something major or very small, such as the fact that it is a gorgeous sunny day, or you saw a great movie. Then spend the rest of the session telling your life story. You can do this in any way and at any level you choose. One way to do this is to start with your earliest memories, and proceed from there. If you happen to get to the present before your time is up, you can go
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Listening Partnerships, 2009, session 1 - LISTENING...

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