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HOMEWORK: LIBRARY RESEARCH Due __________________ Find three (3) scholarly articles that you could potentially use while writing your Intercultural Conflict Paper. Your goal is to (1) cite each article in APA format, (2) summarize each article (maximum of 200 words), and (3) list three concepts from class that are discussed in the article. I have included an example below: Espiritu, Y. L. (2001). Possibilities of a multiracial Asian America. In Williams-Leon, T. & Nakashima, C.L. (Eds.), The sum of our parts: Mixed-heritage Asian Americans (pp. 25- 34). Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press. Summary: (97 words) Espiritu discusses a social and psychological conflict in relation to racial diversity.
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Unformatted text preview: He explains that determining one’s racial identity within rigid ideological racial boundaries has subjected multiracial Asian Americans into particular identity categories. Such boundaries are place within a national scale, community scale, and the individual's self-identification. Espiritu provides a historical outline in how the multiracial Asian American identity has evolved from a forced placement to a more malleable one. Espiritu argues that the static boundaries defined by monoracial communities and the government prevent the progress of Asian America and the development of multiracial Asian American identity. Key words: Identity, history, race Morrison – COMM 174 1...
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