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Bus173C Group Project - Business Model - Business Model...

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Business Model Summary April 6, 2009 By
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Concept Overview Seduction provides a unique, exotic, elite, cutting edge atmosphere with world renowned DJ and a location that makes your mouth water! Located in one of the city’s most prestigious locations, Embarcadero, Seduction provides panoramic views from Seduction is a mix of food, music, performances, art, and you! An evening at Seduction has been successful when all five of your senses have been tickled. Seduction caters to your sensual side with experiences in a particular atmosphere. Every night will be different and a special place where people can let go, have fun, eat, listen, dance, and enjoy the evening. Nothing is forbidden and everything’s possible. Be yourself and anything can happen to you at Seduction. With a relaxing atmosphere, world renowned DJ’s and exquisite views of the San Francisco Bay, you will not be disappointed! Summary of Market With an urban, youthful and highly prosperous population, San Francisco is well known for its nightclubs. San Francisco is bordered on three sides by water and is only about 47 square miles, which makes it one of the most compact cities in North America. There is a population of 800,000 that lives within the city limits who are paying handsomely to be in the midst of “Everybody’s Favorite City”, which the city has registered it as a brand as it is such a widely held opinion by its visitors. San Francisco is a major center for the creative class, which includes geeks, writers, musicians, artists, designers, scientists, and architects. With world-class universities that surrounds the city, like Stanford, UC Berkeley, University of San Francisco, and the Academy of Art, San Francisco attracts visitors to come for scientific, medical, and cultural meetings along with an array of people from the biotech, internet and computer industries. Furthermore, in 2005, San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau had a count of about 15.74 million visitors. Therefore, Seduction will overall easily attract college students, young professionals, business travelers, and tourists as it is located on The Embarcadero, San Francisco’s premier waterfront neighborhood. Business Model Summary Market and Customers: We would be pleased to serve anyone between ages 21 and up, but we would like to focus on young adults ages 25 through 35 as our target market. We see this age group as the greatest potential since they are eager to go out and party and yet are more mature and have a career to support their party life style. College students who seek an upscale evening of entertainment are also encouraged to come out to Seduction. The advantages of having college students come to our bar is that it results into great word of mouth. Our bar will lighten up and become more popular with the college students. A third portion of our customers will include tourists and business travelers. More business travelers and tourists are finding themselves in San Francisco every year as is made evident by business and technological
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Bus173C Group Project - Business Model - Business Model...

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