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HOMEWORK: ASSUME THE POSITION Please type your responses on a separate sheet of paper. This assignment will be collected at the beginning of next class. You will also need to refer to the identity readings (textbook and electronic readings) when completing the assignment. i. How does Wulh’s lecture on history relate to the development of our national identities? Support your response with examples from the film and at least one concept from Chapter 5. Hint: the textbook highlights all concepts in bold while placing the definition in the margin. ii. Assume the position that no one has ever heard your name before. Write a short story about your name. Be as creative as you like when developing this story. In the past, some have written poetry, included humor, listed adjectives that described them, etc. Just remember that you will be sharing your story in class. I have included a few questions and an example to help you get started: Who gave you your name and why? What is the ethnic origin of your name?
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