SOCIO 175- Exam 2

SOCIO 175- Exam 2 - Dr Leisenring Socio 175 Exam 2 Question...

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Dr. Leisenring Socio 175 4/29/2009 Exam 2 Question 1: Parents in the United States today face many challenges with their individual roles within the family and collectively in the union of marriage. A single mother may have a low paying job because of a poor education, and in turn may not be able to provide an adequate upbringing for her children to be able to succeed in life. A father may struggle with the loss of a job during the current recession and might not be able to cope with the stress of losing his ability to provide for his family. A married working-class couple may find it tough to balance schedules in a fiscally beneficial way in order to provide healthcare and pay college tuitions for their children. The point remains the same, whether a mother, a father, or a married couple, parenting has it's challenges in many different forms. The definition of motherhood has changed drastically over the last several decades. In the mid 20 th century mothers were housewives and weren't expected or really needed to provide in the financial area of parenting. The civil rights and woman's suffrage movement helped move our society in a direction that saw women in the workforce and on college campuses as something normal and accepted. A new type of mom has emerged from this change and she is dubbed the “supermom. ..Effortlessly juggling home and work, this mother can push a stroller with one hand and carry a briefcase in the other (Sharon Hays, reading 5, pg. 57).” Neither the “supermom” nor the “traditional mom” can individually solve all the problems that will face motherhood. This is best described by Hays when she states “A woman, in other words, can never fully do it right (pg.58). We have here two conflicting ways of approaching motherhood. On the one hand we have housewives that argue that “all these problems of kids who lack guidance, love, and support are connected to the problem of mothers who put their own interests ahead of the interests of their children
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(pg. 64).” On the other hand we have working moms who argue that “ their paid work provides the financial resources necessary for the well-being of their children (pg. 70). “ In this tricky situation both type of parents have it right to a certain degree. Different families will have different needs and the right balance will have to be found in order to accommodate the needs of a mother in the labor force and a mother steering the home ship. While preschool and daycare may be right for one family, more quality time and love from mom could be right for another. Volunteer work or community group membership may be enough of an outer world connection for housewives, while more work and independence may spark better quality time with children of working moms.
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SOCIO 175- Exam 2 - Dr Leisenring Socio 175 Exam 2 Question...

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