Assignment 2 B

Assignment 2 B - Assignment 2(B Research Materials(35...

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Unformatted text preview: Assignment 2(B): Research Materials (35 individual points.) (Each person in the group turns one copy in to the instructor and gives one to each group member.) Group Number ________ Group Name _____________________ Researcher’s Name _____________________________________ Your group should assemble materials regarding the process that goes into the production of your commodity. Each person in the group should be assigned one of the topics listed below. The information on the topic collected might include statistics, journal articles, visual materials, etc. Each person should make an annotated list of the materials they have found and include the sources from which information was collected . List them under the topic letter you have been assigned. This list should include a short description of each resource. Each person must have at least seven (7) sources. This information will form the basis of your individual research papers. You must keep careful track of your sources because you will be required to cite them in your paper. Make as many copies of this completed assignment as you have group members plus one for the instructor. Give each member of the group a copy and turn one into me. Do not cut and paste, use your own words ! Circle the topic you are covering : (a) primary countries in which the commodity is produced; (b) labor conditions under which the commodity is produced; (c) environmental consequences of the production process; (d) effects of the production process on people in relevant regions; (e) health effects associated with the consumption of the product;...
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Assignment 2 B - Assignment 2(B Research Materials(35...

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