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10-06-09 Chapter 6 - o Humor effective at getting attention...

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Chapter 6 - Creative Brief – Statement of the ad and what it’s supposed to do o What the objective is o Who the Target Audience is o What the message theme is o Includes the support of the ad Support is the data or facts that make the claims true o Includes Constraints such as legal, cultural, financial etc. o Every promotional campaign will start with a creative brief o The document you provide which will give them the outline of how its supposed to come out - Hierarchy of Effects Model – Not 100% accepted of used by others. o Awareness, Knowledge (Cognitive) o Liking, Preference (Affective) o Conviction, Purchase (Conative) - MECHAS MODEL (Means/End Theory) o Product attributes o Consumer Benefits o Leverage Points o Personal Values o Evectional Frame - Appeals o Fear Appeal – Usually works.
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Fear appeals relies on Behvioral Model. Based on the stability of the situation the person with create either a positive or a negative response. o Scarcity and Fear Appeals are very similar
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Unformatted text preview: o Humor effective at getting attention and keeping it. Most popular in usage of ads. Often only remember the humor and not the product. o Sex Appeals Employed in Five different Ways • Subliminal • Nudity or partial Nudity (need to watch out culturally) • Sexual Suggestive – Makes it seem more sensuous. People don’t pay attention to the product. Encourges Stereo typing of Body forms Promotes dissatisfaction of people and their own body forms. o Musical Appeal Very Effective Most Consumers will remember images associated with music o Irrational Appeal Only successful when consumer is actively processing information o Rational Appeal Best on printed ads because data can be easily put on it and consumers can take in the information at their own pace o Emotional Appeal Emotional Ads capture consumer attention and build attachment to a brand....
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