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Chapter 1 The Social Problems Process MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Which of the following is not one of the questions an objectivist may ask as she tries to de- termine whether a social condition is a social problem? a. Is it harmful to individuals or groups? b. How many people does it harm? c. How serious or damaging is the harm it creates? d. Why do people think of it as harmful? 2. The objectivist definition of harm can be criticized for being so a. narrow that it excludes many conditions that may really be problems. b. broad that it is vague to the point of losing its meaning. c. detailed that it is difficult for anyone but experts to understand. d. grounded in the social sciences that it can’t be applied to hard science phenomena. e. all of the above 3. Subjectivists tend to think of social problems as a. social conditions that cause problems for people. b. the process of responding to social conditions. c. social conditions that cause problems for society. d. the process of a condition becoming problematic. 4. A subjectivist might suggest that heightism is not a social problem in the United States be- cause a. there is no research to indicate that people are discriminated against on the basis of their height. b. Americans don’t think of discrimination based on height as a problem. c. heightism is not illegal in the United States. d. discrimination based on height doesn’t hurt enough people to cause serious harm to the society. 5. The term social constructionism refers to the way people
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a. create fresh understandings about the world around them. b. learn language from their parents. c. use language to define their place in society. d. learn to differentiate social conditions from social problems. e. all of the above f. b and c only 6. Saying that something is socially constructed means that it is a. not real. b. only real because a group of people created it. c. real only to those who have had experience with it. d. shaped by people’s definitions and understandings of it. 7. The discussion of the change in the identification of Pluto as a planet to being a minor planet or interplanetary body illustrates the fact that a. even scientists are sometimes unsure of what is really a problem. b. the way we use and change language reflects our efforts to better describe and un- derstand the world around us. c. even natural phenomena are often difficult to clearly define. d. even those in the hard sciences such as astronomy have a difficult time defining concepts. 8. Claimsmaking can most accurately be described as a process in which people a. claim the right to profit from a troubling situation. b. lie about conditions to make them seem problematic. c. bring a situation that they find troubling to the attention of others. d.
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Exam1StudyQs - Chapter 1 The Social Problems Process...

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