Profiles - ChAd 169 San Jose State University Profiles of Students with Motivation Problems Rebecca Jedel PhD What is Motivation Desire and

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Unformatted text preview: ChAd 169 San Jose State University Profiles of Students with Motivation Problems Rebecca Jedel, PhD What is Motivation Desire and willingness to do something internal state Initiation, direction, intensity persistence of behavior observable behavior What is a Problem in Motivation ? Profiles of Students with Motivation Problems Defensive Helpless Safe Satisfied Anxious Alienated Defensive Dave Characteristics Class clown Procrastinator Distracting/distracted Cheater Lazy Wants to be center of attention Slogan I would if I could, but I don't want to so I won't Helpless Hannah Characteristics Fear of failing Learned helplessness Dependent on others Stubborn Low expectations Afraid to acknowledge success Lack of participation Lack of motivation Excel in other areas Boredom Hopelessness/despair Slogan I am useless on my own. Safe Sally Characteristics Does only what is required Does not push herself at all Refuses to be challenged Does get good grades, but because she avoids difficulty Takes the easy road Will not reach full intellectual potential Slogan I'm a robot that's afraid of failure Satisfied Santos Characteristics Class clown Prefers to just hang out with friends Smart, but doesn't study Doesn't show an interest in school Threats of low grades doesn't affect him Content with just passing grades does minimium to get by On rare occasion does get good grades, but almost accidental Slogan The baseline is just fine Anxious Alma Characteristics Lacks selfconfidence in classroom setting Afraid of criticism & being wrong Second guesses her ability Nervous and panics on tests Introverted Does well alone, but freaks out in class Goals are set to minimum standards Slogan Alone time is go time Alienated Al Characteristics Poor attendance Low reading level Uninvolved / disconnected Not a trouble maker Not a super star Poor role models Future doesn't look bright Undiagnosed learning disabilities Puts in no effort Slogan Often absent when present ...
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