Week 3 handout Ethics - ScWk 240 Research Methods and...

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ScWk 240 Research Methods and Design Week 3 9/12/08 San José State University Edward Cohen, Ph.D. Ethical Issues in Social Science Research From Aging with grace: What the Nun Study teaches us…” [The researcher has just been given approval to study cognitive and physical correlates of dementia with nuns from of the Sisters of Notre Dame by Sister Carmen, a leader of the order. Sister Carmen is instructing the researcher.] “No matter what you do, I want you to remember who these women are. They are real people. Very dear to us. They are holy people, too. I don’t want you to treat them as research subjects. Get to know them. Understand that many of the older sisters were the teachers or mentors of the younger sisters, and we treat them with the care and respect they deserve. We will expect nothing less from you.” 1 (p. 15) I. More Fun with Independent and Dependent Variables Name the Independent Variable, the Dependent Variable, and possible attributes of each implied in the scenario. (Hint about attributes—the attributes of a variable will indicate how the variable will be operationalized, or defined for measurement.) 1. Example “Does developing behavioral contracts with school-age children diagnosed with ADHD result in improved school performance?” IV Developing behavioral contracts Attributes Did or did not develop behavioral contract DV Improved school performance Attributes Test grade (A, B, C, D, F) 2. “Does the extent of depression in young children predict later school performance problems?” IV ___________________ Attributes__________________________________ DV___________________ Attributes__________________________________ 1 Snowdon, D. (2001). Aging with grace: What the Nun Study teaches us about leading longer, healthier, and more meaningful lives . New York: Bantam Books. 1
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3. “Can Cognitive Behavioral Therapy reduce conflict for parents in couples counseling?” IV ___________________ Attributes__________________________________ DV___________________ Attributes__________________________________ 4. “It is hypothesized that income, level of education, and level of family support reduce re-offending of those who committed a first offense.” IV ___________________ Attributes__________________________________ DV___________________ Attributes__________________________________
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Week 3 handout Ethics - ScWk 240 Research Methods and...

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