2-19-08 Harley Davidson

2-19-08 Harley Davidson - Harley...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-19-2008Harley Davidson1)Historya)Established in 1903b)V-engine of 2 cylinders was immensely huge. Hasn’t changed sincec)Largest motorcycle company in the world in 1918d)Only competitor was the Indian motorcycle who went bankrupte)Seen in movies during WW2. After the war many GI’s stayed in Europe and Britain and found the triumph motorcycle to be a better bike than the Harley because it was lighter, easier to handle, and cheaper.2)Image of Harleya)40’s & 50’si)Row powerii)Heavy use of chromeiii)Low profile appearance iv)Styled tail fenderv)The sound – the growl was a “voice”(1)Copyrighted the noise of the engine3)Japanese enter the marketa)Hondai)Found a new base of customers in women and youngii) Advertising(1) “You’ll meet the nicest people on a Honda”iii) Smaller, light weight bike to penetrate one region and then introduce a larger bike to take over that regioniv) By 1965 1 of 2 motorcycles in US were Hondasv) Bikes were cheaper and easier to ridevi) The majority of all motorcycle buyers in the sixties were first time buyers due to...
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2-19-08 Harley Davidson - Harley...

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