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Webpage Analysis

Webpage Analysis - There is also a space for a Ducks poll...

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Website Analysis 5/11/09 100WB Since it is NHL playoffs time, and I am a fan of the Anaheim Ducks, I have gone to their website almost every day for the past three weeks. The website is set up in a way that shows the most pertinent information at the top. This is obviously the best way since visitors to the website are most likely looking for the current score of a game or when and where the next game will be played. The website is organized in order of importance. It has pictures and videos of the most recent news in the top left corner. The score of the current game, or when and where the next game will be played is shown in the top right corner. Below these are different links to click on that will bring you to different web pages such as; blogs, photo galleries, where to buy tickets, and different NHL news. To the right of this is a calendar showing any future games the Ducks have to play.
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Unformatted text preview: There is also a space for a Ducks poll asking different questions of what Ducks fans think. I think this website is set up well because it shows the most desired information at the top. The Ducks obviously push ticket sales because there are four separate links for someone to buy tickets to future games. At the very top of the page are links to see who the current Ducks players are, view their stats, read the latest news, and go buy tickets and the newest merchandise. The website is interactive and every day there is a different fact about what happened on this day in the history of the Ducks. I enjoy going to their website and I have also bought tickets through one of the links when I lived in southern California. Word Count: 304...
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