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EPSON139 - PHST 99 DON Socratic Seminar on Collingwood...

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Unformatted text preview: PHST 99 DON Socratic Seminar on Collingwood Instructions: Read the selections for the day and type out your findings and ideas to the starter questions to turn in after class. These are only questions to assure me that you have read and prepared for seminar. You should also compose some questions of your own. Volunteer for the inner circle for one of the two readings. Reading #1: Read pages 266-282 concerning a philosophy of historical methods and goals, and answer the following starter questions. 1. How does Collingwood hope to persuade by invoking the CSI type metaphor for historical inquiry? 2. What does he mean by “scientific” historian and “scissors—and-paste” historians? What do you think he is trying to convey to the reader by constantly contrasting them? 3. Read over John Smith’s account of Jamestown, which he wrote years after the event, and explain how Coilingwood would have read this account for evidence rather than truth? Reading #2: Read pages 282 to 302, concerning history as the re—enactment of past experience and answer the following questions. I. What does Coliingwood mean when he says that the historian must “reenact the past in his own mind” and why is this necessary? 2. What do you think are the pitfalls of this necessary act of the historian, according to Coliingwood? What seems to be the critical component of this internalization process? 3. Using the same Smith’s account in the way that Collingwood suggests, write down interpretations of the account. Make sure that you do some contextualization research by looking up some information on John Smith. Participation: At the end of the second day of the seminar, I will ask you to fill out a rating of your own performance at seminar and turn it in. You should consult my course website for the instructions for explanation of terms. ...
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