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OUTSIDE SPEECH REPORT Worth 15 points Paper is to be typed, double-spaced, 2-3 pages in length. Purpose We live in a country and in an era where voicing ideas is considered important and necessary to upholding a democracy. We often form our own opinions based on information we receive from others. Therefore, it is extremely important to use our critical listening and thinking skills to evaluate the content and quality of other speakers’ messages. For this assignment, you will use the skills you have learned during this semester to evaluate and critique a speech of your choice. Your task is to witness a scheduled, prepared speech given on or off campus. The speech should last at least 15 minutes . You are expected to participate as an audience member at a live public speech event, not to observe a televised speech. Speech events are advertised around campus, in Hugh Gillis Hall, and in the Spartan Daily and the San Jose Mercury News. After hearing your selected speech, write a well-developed essay that addresses the
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