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Kingdom Come Questions The first 3 are due the first day we discuss the book, the second 3 the second day. 1. In the introduction to Kingdom Come, Elliot Maggin says that the genesis of the story is an idea that “the Guardians of the Universe” put in Superman’s head: “The idea was that maybe, in his zeal to preserve life and ease the path of the human race, Superman was keeping ordinary everyday humans from growing on their own. Maybe he was killing the butterfly by helping it out of the chrysalis.” Does the story seem to support that idea, or do humans seem to still need the superheroes’ help? Why or why not? 2. The introduction also says this: “Metaphors are real. That is why the Scriptures are composed not only of proverbs and prophecies” but also “stories—the allegories and metaphors—that teach us our values.” If this story is to be taken as allegory, who or what does Superman stand for in our contemporary society? How about Wonder Woman? The rebellious young superheroes? (I’m not looking for any “right” answer for
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