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1 SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY HUMAN SUBJECTS-INSTITUTIONAL REVIEW BOARD PROTOCOL NARRATIVE Prior approval by the Human Subjects-Institutional Review Board is required for all research involving human subjects to be conducted by SJSU students, staff, or faculty. Procedures may not begin until approval is received. The following information is provided to assist you in preparing your protocol narrative for review by the Human Subjects-Institutional Review Board. Your responses should be written in a manner which can be understood by a non-specialist. Please complete all sections of this template. If any section is not applicable, list the heading and simply indicate “N/A.” Instructions are bracketed and in italics. Please remove instructions prior to submission. I. APPLICATION [Attach a complete IRB Application - Request to Use Human Subjects in Research to the front of the protocol narrative. The application, as well as all other IRB related forms and templates are available on the Office of Graduate Studies and Research website: NOTE: SJSU students must have a responsible faculty member who has read the protocol and signed the application.] II . PROJECT TITLE III . INVESTIGATORS AND STAFFING [List all personnel, including the primary investigators, who will assist in conducting the research in the table below (add additional rows as needed)]:
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2 NAME OF INDIVIDUAL QUALIFICATIONS RESPONSIBILITIES Primary Investigator(s) Signature: _________________________________________________________________________________________ IV . INVOLVEMENT OF OTHER INSTITUTIONS [If research will be conducted through other institutions that either serve as a source of subjects, a source of records and information, or on whose facilities your project will be conducted, list the name of each institution involved. Attach copies of permissions from participating institutions, organizations, or agencies. Permission from such institutions or agencies must be on their letterhead and must include: the title of the study, the inclusive dates for which the permission is granted, and the title and type written name of the individual with the authority to grant such permission, in addition to their signature.] V . ABSTRACT [Briefly state the problem, background, importance of the research, the hypotheses or questions to be addressed, and the goals of the proposed project.] VI
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irb_narrative_template - 1 SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY HUMAN...

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