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liqour costs - *5ppl*8hours*27days = $9,400 be booked...

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COSTS we will incur per month: amit gupta 173c UTILITIES: (PER MONTH BASIS) -PG&E $9,000 <<<<<LINDA -WATER $950 -Garbage $170 MAINTENANCE: (PER MONTH BASIS) -janitorial supplies $70 -fixes and repairs $500 -bar maintenance $85 -parking maintenance $110 -kitchen maintenance $130 assumption for both maintenance and supplies: some costs are only for example: power washing the parking structure only needs to be d SUPPLIES: (PER MONTH BASIS) -bathroom $250 -kitchen $1,000 assumption: costs of supplies were priced by looking at vendor prices. -bar $170 SALARIES: (PER MONTH BASIS) -janitorial $9 per hour *3ppl*5hours*27days = $3,700 -bouncers $12 per hour *20ppl*7.5hours*12days= $22,000 assumption: salaries a -bartenders $8 per hour *8ppl*7hours*12days = $6,000 to workers in restauran -bathroom attendnets $8 per hour *2ppl*7hours*27days = $3,000 assumption: private an -table servers $9 per hour
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Unformatted text preview: *5ppl*8hours*27days = $9,400 be booked during the w-cooks $9 per hour *3ppl*9.5hours*28days = $7,200 will require that worker ========================== Total: $52,000 FOOD: (PER MONTH BASIS)-food $25,000 assumption: food is served throughout the evening until close time Liquor: (PER MONTH BASIS)-beer $6,000 validation: drink and mixer prices were based on an actual smaller v-kegs $600 adjusted according to our size, demand and requirements-liquor $14,800 -mixers $850 validation: for mixers, we found out that costs of mixers are generall-lemons, limes, cherries, olives $90 ly incurred every so often, done every 2 months are based on average salary pays nts and nightclubs. nd corporate events will week and weekends, so this rs be available during the week. vanue and our prices were lly about 5% of liquor costs...
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