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Week_1webcast_assignment - respond to each scenario Develop...

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Week 1 Webcast Assignment Review the archived webcast for week 1 Nurs 137 section 4 Access the power point for Week 1 on the Nurs 137 class on the Nurs 137 Power Points and Activities. Power Point = Groups and Communities Read Slide #3-Activity 2. Respond to the questions in writing (see general instructions for Webcast Assignments on Nurs 137.4 Professional Role Development ) See Scenario 1 & 3 (also in slide set). Using the nursing process develop a plan to
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Unformatted text preview: respond to each scenario. Develop a Word document for Activity #2 and both scenarios. Submit the hard copy to Dr. Canham no later than Friday, February 13. See general instructions for more information regarding submission of assignment. Written work is to be typed, 12 point font, double spaced....
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