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Angela Cunningham 11/29/06 Case Study I chose Celeste, a former student of mine from my Phase I teaching, because she seemed bright, kind and intuitive during the short time that I knew her. I interviewed her in the conference room of the Santa Clara High School library. She is 14 years old, and from a mixed background of mostly Hispanic origin. Her primary ethnic heritage is Spanish, since both of her parents are partly Spanish, but her mother is also Mexican and her father is also Cuban (she recently found out that she also has some Italian and French heritage but these two are minimal in comparison). Her father was born in Cuba and her mother was born in Mexico, so Celeste’s primary language was Spanish, although her English is completely fluent without accent, and she was born here in the United States. Celeste is the youngest child of five siblings, and the age difference is significant as she has lived alone with her parents for six years (the oldest child is in his thirties). Apparently, her mother has always been a housewife and her father owns an ice cream distribution company. I asked her if they seem fulfilled in their work and she said yes, as her father always has many stories to tell about his clients and how nice they are. I definitely ascertained that Celeste’s family has had a tremendous impact on her attitude towards education. First of all, her parents regularly check on her grades and insure that they stay at an “A” and “B” level, although no unnecessary disciplinary techniques are utilized. When I asked her what family members specifically she attributed her success in school to she did not hesitate in mentioning her cousins, one in
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particular who is going to UC San Diego with plans to study medicine. Also, her brother, Abraham, graduated college with a degree in architecture. I have no doubt that the closely knit nature of the family, as well as the degree to which success has been achieved within the family unit, is instrumental in Celeste’s undeniable academic success. I found her to be a highly intelligent young lady, and I feel secure that much of her centered and direct way of conveying her intelligence is due largely to the loving attention she has received throughout her developmental years. She has a secure place in the world through her family, and that has led her to a successful social life at SCHS. She values strong traits in
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Case_study_model_assign - Angela Cunningham Case Study I...

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