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Psychology 100W 1 Oral Presentation Assignment Purpose Develop oral presentation skills on a scholarly topic. Addresses Student Learning Objective(s) (SOL) 6 Readings Dunn, chapter 10 Instructions Develop a 5 – 7 minute overview of your Literature Review Presentations should be organized, rehearsed (i.e., do not “make it up as you go along”). Provide at least 1 visual (e.g., powerpoint slide, overhead transparency, handout). o Powerpoint files should be
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Unformatted text preview: emailed to yourself and also brought on an USB flashdrive. • During the presentation, the instructor will provide 1 signal to presenters: o 1 minute left – still plenty of time left, but start moving to summary/main points of talk. Grading • Presentations are required. • Grading will be based on o Content (organized, appropriate amount of material) o Delivery (well-rehearsed) o Visual (contributes to presentation)...
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