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Francis on Clinton - Brian Francis HIST 210b Spring 2010...

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Brian Francis HIST – 210b Spring 2010 Clinton, Catherine The Plantation Mistress: Women’s World in the Old South, Pantheon Books, New York, 1982 Thesis: Clinton wrote her story show Plantation mistresses of the Old South were not helpless Southern Belles portrayed by Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind. Clinton discovered mistresses of these Plantations were educated, toiled with physical labor, cared for the entire household of both their family and their slaves. They were not hapless delicate Belles in hoop skirts. Their myth is maintained with the popular celebration of plantation legend, the Lost Cause and the chivalrous cavaliers. Clinton points out: “Repeated and loving resurrection of the Old South’s glory renovates the plantation past to a splendor that far outshines its foundation in reality.” Rationale: She narrows her focus to the time period of 1780 to 1835, which has been labeled as “early American Republic” era. It’s a time of great change and transform of American society. In addition, women studies in the past have focused singularly on northern women, the “New Englandization” of women’s studies. Clinton focused on the plantation mistress to give her hidden life a spot light for other historians to see. Methodology : A Case study of specific families that lived along the Southern coast states was analyzed statistically to find trends or patterns of plantation families in Antebellum Old South. Sources: Unpublished dairies, memoirs, and family correspondences were extracted from twenty- four archives throughout the Unites States. Personal papers from the women of the plantation were also examined: household inventories, paper of female academies, commonplace books, physician’s records, and poetry. Genealogies of 750 individuals from 1765 and 1815 were consolidated into a detailed data which valuable statistically
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Francis on Clinton - Brian Francis HIST 210b Spring 2010...

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