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final instructions - d Dial 911 2 A student...

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EDTE 190 SJSU INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE FINAL EXAM: 1. Please bring the half sized scantron and a #2 pencil to class. 2. There will be a review at 7 P.M. You are not required to attend the review. The final will start shortly after 8 P.M. 3. Bring copies of all graded work. I will check to make sure that you have credit for all work done. 4. Call me if you have any questions, please. SAMPLE FINAL EXAM QUESTIONS The following are examples of final exam questions. During the semester you will learn the correct answers to the questions. Choose the best answer. You are substituting in different schools and find the following situations. What would you do if the following 4 situations occurred? 1. On the way to class George and Fred collide and knock heads. Fifteen minutes later Fred complains of a headache. You: a. Suggest he distract himself by doing schoolwork. b. Wait 15 more minutes to see if the headache clears. c. Send student to the office.
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Unformatted text preview: d. Dial 911. 2. A student writes "life is so hard it is not worth living." You: a. Tell the student "life will be better tomorrow." b. Suggest the student exercise and eat better to reduce stress. c. Ignore the student's statement because everyone has down times. d. Ask the student "Are you thinking about killing yourself?" 3. A hyperactive, uncoordinated student has a fresh black eye. You: a. Ask the student "what happened?" b. Assume the child's poor coordination caused the black eye. c. Ask the student "Who did it?" d. Call Child Protection Services (CPS). e. Write a note to the regular teacher telling of your concern. 4. Over a 3 day period you note Tracy consistently cannot sit still in class. This could be caused by: a. abuse b. learning disability c. hearing loss d. ADD e. All of the above 5. T/F Teachers must report a child who is HIV positive to the principal. 6. T/F People who talk about suicide are not likely to do it. Ke 4/2010...
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final instructions - d Dial 911 2 A student...

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