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Sep. 8 Managing Work and Life Stress Chapter 2 Vanessa Karina Shirley Sep. 15 Time Management Chapter 3 Duy Chris G. Angel Vanizhah Sep. 24 Ethical Professionalism Chapter 4 Will Sarah Geordon Samantha James Oct. 6 Diversity in the Workplace Chapter 5 Sarah Giti Paula Amy Margaret Oct. 13 Conflict Management Chapter 6 Jeremiah Duy Emma Ashin Cryton Oct. 20 Communication Chapter 7 Chris G. Cryton Giti Christine Angel Oct. 27
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Unformatted text preview: Group Interaction Chapter 8 Vanizhah Margaret Kaitlyn Jenny Nov. 3 Impression Management Chapter 9 Ashin Jeremiah Shirley Emma Nov. 12 Leadership Chapter 10 Earl Kaitlyn Chris L. Will Geordan Nov. 19 Satisfaction & Motivation Chapter 11 & 12 Christine Paula Karina Chris L. Samantha Dec. 3 Persuasion and Influence Chapter 14 Jenny Vanessa James Earl Amy...
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