OhloneWay - I I I IHE LAST 11PO CENTURIES The Ohlones lived...

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I I I I I I I I I I I i:" IHE LAST 11PO CENTURIES The Ohlones lived in an unchanging world, a world they knt':W so intimately that even individual rocks. trees. and dumps of bushes had names, They hunted. fIShed, and gathered acorns just as their ancestors had done for thousands of years. Then. one day. they looked out across the plains and saw mules with men riding on them, men in long grey robes and leather vests, men with metal, men whose skin. eyes, and hair were a dlfferent color from I anything they had ever imagined possible. How did they react? In his diary of ," March 31, 1776. Father Pedro Font describes one such m~ri.ng: We came upon a poor Indian who was coming very care- lessly alone, carrying a bunch of grass such as they eat. But as soon as he saw us, he manifested the greatest possible fright that it is possible to describe, He could do nothing but throw himself fuji length on the ground. hiding himself in the grass in order that we might not see him, raising his head only enough to peep at us with one eye. The commander [deAnzaJ aproached him to give him some beads, but he was so stupified that he was unable to take the gift, and it was necessary for the lieutenant to dismount and put it in his hand. Completely terrified, and almost without speaking, he offered the lieutenant his bunch of grass, as if with the present he hoped to save his life, which he feared was lost. He must never have seen Spaniards before, and that is why we caused him such surprise and fear. Elsewhere the Indians acted with equal terror. "Amazed and confused," wrote a member of the Portola expedition of 1769, "Mthout knoMng what they did, some ran for their weapons, then shouted and yelled, and the women burst into tears." But once the Ohlones discovered that the explorers meant no apparent harm, their attitude changed and they became over- whelmed with eagerness to make contact with these strange beings, Runners were dispatched from one village to another to forewarn people of the miraculous visitation. Now. wherever the explorers traveled, they were 1)7 I ..
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mE OHLONE WAY grC'eted by people bearing gifts of fish, seed cUc-s, roots, and deer or antelope meal. In exchange the explorers gave ~ads and pieces of cloth. Such gifts excited the Ohlones greatly. Beads W'Cf'C. of course. money. and a suing of strange and ~autifu1 ~ds and pieces of cloth meant incredible wealth, But more than that, ~ads and pieces of cloth W'Cre something new. For a people so thoroughly familiar with their own environment the appear- ance ofsomething new-a color. a texrure, a geometric.aJ shape, a whole new concept of what matter could be-was utterly astounding. The Ohlones fondled the ~ads, wondering at the magic of colored glass: beads. like everything else in their world, were alive, and these ~ads in panicular were full of strange power. They folded and refolded the piecc-s of cloth. marveling at their unbelievable lightness (more like air than solid matter) and examining the fineness of the weave-finer even than their
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OhloneWay - I I I IHE LAST 11PO CENTURIES The Ohlones lived...

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