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READINGS FOR MARCH 3 - from Soundings Music in the...

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MODERNISM MARCH 3 READINGS 1. Arnold Schoenberg, “Foreword to Pierrot Lunaire ” (1912), and “The Relationship to the Text” (1912), Albright 37-42. 2. Oskar Kokoschka, Murderer, Hope of Women (1907/1917) Albright, 259-271 3. Arnold Schoenberg and Wassily Kandinsky, from correspondance in 1911, Albright 167-172 4. Theodor Adorno, from The Philosophy of Modern Music (1948), Albright 272- 276. 5. Glenn Watkins, “Symbolist Reverberations Abroad: Decadent Symbolism,”
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Unformatted text preview: from Soundings: Music in the Twentieth Century (with libretto of final scene from Salome ), PDF 6. Glenn Watkings, “Expressionism: The Path to Pierrot, ” from Soundings: Music in the Twentieth Century (with libretto for Erwartung ), PDF MUSIC 1. Strauss: Final scene from Salome (1908) 2. Schoenberg: Final scene from Erwartung (1909)...
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