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The Advanced Projects in ID Studio (ID128) is intended to build on your previous coursework experience by emphasizing the manner in which you build, defend and communicate the rationale behind your design decisions. We will be focusing on the development of your skills and process as it applies to design in the professional prod- uct development context. Your goal this semester is to develop elegant design solutions that improve people’s ex- periences on the San Jose State University campus. The history of urban development in the United States has been one of fast growth, improvisation, and innovation. Often, time for reFecting upon solutions is nonexistent and the country’s citizens just learn to live with what they are given. Just think, when is the last time you walked around cam- pus or in a nearby downtown area and, when looking at the structures around you, had the words “beautiful”, “breathtaking” or “delightful” come into your head? To better insure a more participatory design process, we will be working from a two- year research project that was conducted by students in the Applied Anthropology program and professors of the Human Aspirations and Design Lab. The research was conducted under a grant from Kaiser Healthcare for Healthy Eating and Active Liv- ing. The catalyst for the research project was to study how students, faculty and staff interact with the campus in order to identify opportunities to support health and well- ness. Findings of that research revealed a range of principles above and beyond healthy eating and active living. We will explore these principles in greater depth through the semester and design public design interventions to address the needs and desires discovered. Although the subject matter of the Applied Anthropology project initially focused on diet and exercise, we will be focusing on broader ±ndings of the anthropology project. Their research revealed student desires for public information systems, way±nding systems (related to directions as well as knowledge of progress toward graduation), delivery systems for healthy food, venues for student expression, structures to support exercise and physical activities, places for relaxation and reFection, storage and rental facilities and a blurring between the campus and surrounding areas. This means that there are opportunities to design public structures that support the fol- lowing needs: (1) Quick transactions making immediate needs accessible (2) Opportunities for Socialization and Small-Scale Rest areas (3) Storage and Rental (4) Public Information systems (way±nding, critical information, ef±ciency, stress reduction, access to health information, career information) An additional reason to make this our project focus is that there are several future building projects slated for the campus over the next several years. Plans for a new student union, health center and sport center are all currently in various stages of DSID128 Advanced Projects in Industrial Design
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DSID128_Au09_Greensh - Professor John McClusky 408.924.4371 [email protected] Class Time Friday 9:00a-11:50a 1:00p-2:50p Office Hours Thursday

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