Rationale for Creative Drama as of 1_31_05

Rationale for Creative Drama as of 1_31_05 - Rationale for...

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Rationale for Creative Dramatics and Formal Theatre in the Classroom By Sarah Anderberg and Kathie Kratochvil The California Arts Project, Spring 2005 At the foundation of drama is dramatic play. Dramatic play can be described as the “free play of very young children, in which they explore their universe, imitating the actions and character traits of those around them” (McCaslin 7). It is what children do naturally and spontaneously without interference; they pretend. It is a basic human response, particularly in early childhood. The impulse to play is fundamental to the human experience, and essential to educational drama. It is constructivist in nature. Dramatic play for young children offers an opportunity and means of understanding and making sense of the world, and is a bridge between the child’s world and the adult’s world. This magical spirit of play that children innately construct is often overlooked in the public school environment, yet it is the place where children begin to build their creative and imaginative potential. The core idea behind the utilization of drama processes in the classroom is the desire to continue to foster the development of creativity and the imaginative potential of students that began with dramatic play. In today’s society, creativity and imagination are essential skills, not only for the artist, but for people in all walks of life. Though the educational system often recognizes the value and importance of these skills, their development does not often translate into classroom practice, especially when elementary teachers are under pressure to meet state and federal mandates in other curricular areas. In addition to the development of creativity and imagination, the art form of theatre creates a mirror with which to critically examine society and the human experience, and provides an
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Rationale for Creative Drama as of 1_31_05 - Rationale for...

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