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Mrs. Smith case 1 - CASE OF MRS SMITH Mrs Smith is a 75...

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CASE OF MRS. SMITH Mrs. Smith is a 75 year old retired school teacher who has been referred, by her pastor, to an agency for seniors for home-maker and transportation services. Mrs. Smith, however, insisted that she was managing to get by and felt awkward to ask for help for herself. Mrs. S. had been an active member of the church and had been involved in many of the church's activities. Recently, however, she had not visited the church as often, primarily because her friend who would take her to the church had been away for a couple of months. Mrs. Smith has been widowed for two years. Her son, daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren live in a neighboring state, about 2 hours away. Mrs. S. sees her son and his family about once every two months. She reported that she enjoyed the visits from her family. Mrs. S. lives in the house that she and her husband had lived in for the last twenty years. She used to take great pride in her place and always kept it neat and presentable. There were always fresh flowers in the house which were from her own garden. Lately, however, Mrs. S. had stopped going out to the
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